Discover the Transformation.

Our Food Security framework urgently demands
for a radically transformative approach,
to be able to meet the rapidly growing demand for food.

Produce More, With Less

We build Smart Technologies that make Agriculture
more Efficient, Sustainable & Humane, so Growers can

Transforming our food ecosystem begins with


“Our goal is to empower Growers, by easing laborious field tasks through technology, that enables improved farm productivity and profitability, within a socially responsible way.”
We enable labour for the most intensive and tedious field tasks autonomously, nurturing every crop through PAO Process


Targeted application that operates at close to zero errors even at higher speeds, ensuring a full field potential.


Speed up farm productivity by automating slow repetitive tasks, tirelessly 24×7, all year round.


Efficient operations and effortless maintenance, enabling labour, ensuring minimal waste of resources and impact of farming on the environment.


Vaibhav is passionate about technology and how it impacts humanlives. He believes that technology can improve overall wellbeing and help communities prosper. He envisions using technology to uplift growers with smart farm innovations, across the globe.

Vaibhav Thacker
Co-Founder & CEO

Arun is a curious tech enthusiast who loves to explore gadgets. He designs and develop the algorithms and architectures and fine-tunes them for the KrishiBOT to work effectively.

Arun Singhal
Electronics & Software Engineer

Gopi is passionate about fabrication. He brings 3D models and concepts to life with his expertise in fabrication.

Gopikrishna G
Mechanical Engineer

Manjunath visualizes mechanical concepts & architectures, and converts them into 3D models and drawings. He is also involved in Fabrication of Mechanical systems.

Manjunath R
Mechanical Design Engineer

We are at the cusp of enabling the fastest and deepest disruption in agriculture. To know more, reach us at